Highlands…  Where the Jersey Shore Begins…

Situated just 26 miles from New York City, to which it is connected by land and water routes, Highlands is a major attraction to fishermen, sun-worshippers, and all other lovers of the Jersey Shore.   The docks and marinas of Highlands provide safe harbor for every type of craft imaginable, its restaurants are among the most famous on the shore, and the newly established Gateway National Recreation Area on Sandy Hook provides over thirteen miles of ocean and bay bathing for summer visitors.  And, for a fun fact about Highlands…  Did you know that the highest point of land on the coast from Texas to Maine is in Highlands (226 feet above sea level)?

As of the 2010 US Census, Highland’s population was 5,005.  This quintessential Jersey Shore town provides scenic and pleasant views that overlook the Shrewsbury River and Sandy Hook Bay.  The eastern part of the town is built on a high bluff that overlooks Sandy Hook and the Atlantic Ocean, and atop this bluff are the Navesink Twin Lights.

Highlands native, Kevin Smith, set his film, Jersey Girl in Highlands.  In addition, Highlands’ ZIP code (07732) is featured in the opening titles of Mallrats, and is Dante’s ZIP code in Clerks: The Animated Series, although it is misattributed in the show to nearby Leonardo.

SeaStreak ferry service is a convenient and fun way to travel to New York from Highlands. Whether it is for commuting or simply just to see a baseball game, SeaStreak ferries operate 7 days a week.

Of the 5,005 community members, approximately 2400 households come out of that.  Married couples account for 35% of the community and 18% of the households have children under the age of 18.  The median age is 39 and the median family income is approximately $50,985.

Highlands has plenty of sprawling parks, chock full of outdoor activities like hiking, bike riding, and picnicking.  The largest park is Lenape Woods and the town is home to smaller parks like Henry Hudson Trail and Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook.  Throughout the year, a recreation committee hosts many events such as a summer concert series in the harbor and youth programs like basketball, baseball and soccer.

The Atlantic Highlands School district serves students between Kindergarten and Sixth grade.  Junior high and high school-age public school students attend Henry Hudson Regional High School, a regional public school district that serves students from both Atlantic Highlands and Highlands.  Private education is available in nearby Tinton Falls at Ranney School for students in grades K-12.

If you have questions about homes in Highlands, please call 732-513-0039 to discuss your preferences.

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